Saturday, 28 April 2012

Katie - Former skinhead removes facial tattoos

I came across this interesting article which really surprised me. From what I have read of the Skinheads, the subculture is very strict. The are 'Born to be skins' and 'better still be a skinhead... or else'. This story about a guy who went through the process of removing his racist facial tattoos must have taken courage and represents him removing himself from the skinhead movement.
I would think that this is not something that happens often but shows how beliefs and ideologies of subcultures can die out over time and soon mean nothing.

...Bryon and Julie Widner grow disillusioned with the skinhead movement, but find that escaping is much more difficult than either ever anticipated. 

Read more on it here


  1. I think this is so interesting! I love how he choose to look after without the tattoos, with the big side burns and the 50's inspired gelled hair. What a transformation.

  2. yeah i know, and skinheads weren't allowed any form of other facial hair. shows how he has accepted that he's no longer part of the subculture.

  3. He looked absolutely insane! I think even the racist supremacist side is even more strict than your usual skinhead. Interesting article, especially seeing as they've turned it round as a family