Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Katie - Beat values

Square Values

  • deferred gratification
  • planned future action - career, home etc.
  • fatalistic
  • comfort in routine
  • work ethic
  • family as moral centre
These are the kind of values that the mainstream society lived by whilst subcultures like 'The Beats' formed their own. The Beat values were then adopted by other subcultures like Punks.

Beat Values
  • short term hedonism
  • spontaneous action
  • non-conformity and anti-convention
  • belief in autonomy - free will
  • seeking new experience
  • distain for work
  • anti-consumerism
  • liberal view of relationships.

Some of these beliefs lose all meaning though once a subculture becomes normal and accepted in society. The more popular they became, the less these ideologies meant.

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  1. I agree with the more absorbed the subcultures becomes the less though ideologies fade out. Then does the subculture die out because of this?


    But I also think it is interesting how the subculture can be reborn within a new discourse. Like this in Burma with the peoples new found social freedom from the military rule enables the youth of the country to rebel against what has existed for the last 50years through the median of punk subculture in the west.