Sunday, 22 April 2012

James - Hating Hipsters & Bogans

By: Savage, Ellena. Eureka Street, 3/11/2011, Vol. 21 Issue 4, p22-23, 2p
Its nice to finally come across a Journal addressing Hipster subculture. "Bogans" is a Australian slang word for lower middle class people which I thought was interesting as it links in what we have been finding out about hipsters backgrounds of middle class families. Interesting how she addresses more arty career path/education being the routes of hipster which kind of makes sense through the expresses nature of the dress code, but also the behaviour from Yvettes post from Vice with them trying out expertmental music & art forms.
As well it interesting how Hipsters seems a very western subculture, with all the examples we have found being in USA, UK and now Australia and New Zealand. Apart from the Accidental Chinese Hipster blog = )

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