Monday, 30 April 2012

James - Questionnaire Results

Think these results are really great but also floored with limitation within the questionnaire. Limitation being sample size of only 14 people and thats just people from the studio design feed. Plus I only allowed one day due to us running out of time. Aswell if we had asked this in person we would of been able to find out for example, the three people who say they are part of subculture did not state which one they belong to.
 Nearly everyone had heard or experience Hipsters subcultures, we got really mixed messages about where hipster was from but it seems a mix match of all the places. 
A stereotype of what Hipsters fashion did appear from skinny jeans, big jumpers and lenless glasses.  
I was overall quite surprised with the results and how some people were quite negative towards hipster and basically thinking they are tossers.

What do you guys think about the results?


  1. I don't understand what the big hatred is of the subculture just because of clothing? I can understand the hatred of punks and skinheads because of the violence, racist tatoos etc.
    If people realised that hipsters have contradicted their ideologies by changing from when the culture began in the 30's/40's then that would be a valid reason to hate them.
    but i really don't agree with this comment "a prick with low self-esteem" sorry if any of you wrote that, but surely you can't categorise a large group of people as this.
    I also don't agree with the chino and toms comment because they are definitely now mainstream in my opinion.

    However, I do think the questionaire was a success because i've learnt that people hate hipsters solely on what they wear and have no idea about the reasons for the subculture which I also didnt know until doing this project.

  2. I agree totally!! People really do seem to hate them reading what they answered, hating people just by the clothes they wear is a tad immature in my mind giving the fact they cause no harm or fear to anyone. Some of the answers are a bit heavy with abuse but I think if more people answered from various ages there would have been very different results, though given the amount of time we had I think it was a success by seeing what people thought about them.

    To be totally honest I knew nothing about 'hipsters' before doing this project and now I realise it is a big culture today with a lot of people embracing the look mentioned in the questions.

  3. Theres some really vicious answers in this! And I personally don't agree with half of it. You can't seem to be into anything today without being lumped into hipster, I agree with Katie "a prick with low self-esteem" is a bit too far you can't just lump everyone into it. I also liked how the majority of people said they weren't in a subculture. I would have thought everyone was into something in some way, the music your into would be classed as a subculture? I think a lot of people are in denial. Especially if these are designers/illustrators that have been asked you're supposed to have tastes and interests, therefore there must be some kind of culture your involved in. Is design not a culture itself?
    I love lomo photography that doesn't make me a hipster, and I dyed my hair pink, OH NO MUST BE A HIPSTER.

  4. Really interesting what everyone has said from these results, I agree with you all and I think has been really interesting to see what our fellow classmates feel about this subculture.

    I agree with you katie about the mainstreamness of toms and chinos and Yvette with being part of lomography community doesn't make you a hipster and shouldn't suggest that. Its a hobby at the end of the day!
    Interesting comment Katie, about there is no valid need for hatred as they have not done anything or been aggressive towards the wider society.

    Defiantly think we got some interesting results from this, and the amount of negative comments to a group of people is really scary. Especially with us supposedly being so open minded to new things. Just wish I had got a bigger sample group to see if it had effected the results more.

  5. i think that the thing with the negativity of the hipster subculture is that people might be thinking of it as more of a stereotype, like they've met one person who is an arsehole who happens to wear chinos and toms. it's not what you wear that makes you that way.