Tuesday, 17 April 2012

James - Behavior

Guardian Source
Thought it was interesting that the Guardian had done a piece about Hipster Behavior in London and the hate blogs that turned up from around the happenings. Compared to the Skinheads this is nothing and they do  not seem to be rebelling from anything abnormal. I feel this kind of behavior is just from youth parties, that we have all been too but people target it due to the way Hipsters are viewed from videos like the below?! Or do they really act like this in real life?

Interesting parody/hate video of Hipsters or in this case "Dickheads", but I think it interesting sum up of what we have been finding out. What do you think about this video?
I feel the way they talk is very postmodern and they come across in educated way. I understand this is a parody of the hipster culture but I think it is interesting about the retroactive of the clothes and ways of them searching for something new.

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