Tuesday, 17 April 2012

James - Hipster Music?

Independent/Indie Music

From people I have talked to about "hipster Music" this image sums it up for me. Its like a desire to know something you do not, to be part of an higher culture or level of knowing or understanding. Or maybe links back to people education and especially cultural education in music.
I must state now that I know nothing really about music!

(cited in the Meaning of Style).
I believe music is a key part of the Hipster subculture and I think Yvette's post from Vice with the girl setting up new own gig says something about the music and then need to be independent but also to create your own music/expression.



How is this Hipster?
- Large vintage clothes & other fashions.
- Use of older technology - Cameras, rear projection, typewriter/faxer
- Suggestion to drug use
- Creative (alot of the research we have done so far have suggested the people who are viewed as hipsters are creative types.)

However is it just elements of hipster!? Do we all embody parts of Hipster? I wear chinos and listen to Darwin Deez but I do not feel I relate to other parts of hipster and I would not associate myself with this subculture. Or is this a sign of absorption into mainstream culture?
Or are these bands too mainstream?

Does anyone have any suggestions for bands and Opinions about hipster music?
Apparently this is quite a hipster music blog.

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  1. I agree that we all embody parts of Hipster and think this might be because it is being absorbed by the mainstream.
    although, it seems like there are still some extreme hipsters that are probably trying to not be absorbed by the parent culture.
    I've never heard of Yacht myself but have heard of Darwin Deez. There is probably a lot of independent bands that we have never heard of that are listened to by the subculture - I don't seem to have heard of a lot from the blog you posted.