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David -

In Surfers Soulies Skinheads and Skaters, it focuses on the subcultural fashion throughout the forties to the nineties. It has an image labeled hipster, describing a blue double breasted wool suit, satin cravat, cotton shirt, satin pocket handkerchief with braces. This might be the origin of the word hipster and as to why 'modern hipsters' wear vintage clothing.

A little unknown fact that hipster musician Slim Gaillard, who always wore a beret (always red or white), when performing he wore it tilted at a jaunty angle and pulled it deep down over his brow when he was in the street. It was said that you could tell Slim's mood by the way he wore his beret.

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This is an interesting read, article on Mark Perry starting up Sniffin' Glue

Another interesting read about the death of the zine, which is something I disagree with to be honest I think the art of the zine is doing well at the moment.


I don't think you can go into Subcultures without acknowledging the massive subculture Manchester (MADCHESTER) created for itself. Tony Wilson started up Factory records and in doing so created this 'enigma' that everyone who wasn't in Manchester wanted to be a part of. The Manchester scene has still left it's mark today still influences a lot of people, it massively influenced my taste in music. They created a whole image, Peter Saville being the force behind this, clean simple and new at the time, just like the scene. 24 Hour Party People is a really great film that shows The Hacienda/Factory community. Punk was what really started of Factory, that legendary Sex Pistols gig that is said to have been attended by; Tony Wilson, Joy Division, The Smiths and The Fall (and Mick Hucknall..) before these bands had even formed, apparently this gig being the pivotal moment when they decided to go of and form bands/record labels. They separated themselves of from punk though courtesy of Peter Saville and his excellent design skills. The drug scene which The Hacienda attracted was ultimately it's downfall in the mid 90's, it has since been started up again.

More can be read on this here
(Sorry I don't have a scanner at home, just used my phone for photos) From Looking for the light through the pouring rain

James - Questionnaire Results

Think these results are really great but also floored with limitation within the questionnaire. Limitation being sample size of only 14 people and thats just people from the studio design feed. Plus I only allowed one day due to us running out of time. Aswell if we had asked this in person we would of been able to find out for example, the three people who say they are part of subculture did not state which one they belong to.
 Nearly everyone had heard or experience Hipsters subcultures, we got really mixed messages about where hipster was from but it seems a mix match of all the places. 
A stereotype of what Hipsters fashion did appear from skinny jeans, big jumpers and lenless glasses.  
I was overall quite surprised with the results and how some people were quite negative towards hipster and basically thinking they are tossers.

What do you guys think about the results?