Tuesday, 24 April 2012

James - Hipster Design & Online

On Hipster Branding they redesign corporation logos into a vintage "hipster" twist which I thought was quite funny and ironic in ways. I keep finding alot of the sites we are finding a tumblr blog, is this a subculture using internet to express themselves? Is this like how every other person on myspace was claiming to be an emo or goth about 6 years ago?

I know this isnt the best example but there are countless different ones, I think it is interesting about having this present on the internet that people can use this as a face for communication and be who ever you want to be or connect to who you want to.

"Anomie Goes Online: The Emo Micro culture" by Tracy A.Rickman, Michael R. Solomon,
Thought these two quotes from a journal give weighting to my point about 'cyber cultures'. The feeling of trying to find out whos like you is made easier with online networks like myspace and tumblr. With tumblr it is even easier to connect to other through the nature of reblogging and sharing and searching for articles fast.

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