Tuesday 17 April 2012

James - Questionnaire

I think we should create a questionnaire to explore how people think and feel about subcultures, this would also enable us to have some primary research for this blog.

I am interested in exploring what people think Hipsters are and how they act and so on. Then we could combine the two subcultures into one questionnaire and hopefully post it on the facebook and get some feedback.

So post some questions and things you want to be asked and we will get this set up!


  1. Ideas for questions.
    Background information,
    Do you belong to a subculture?
    If so, which?
    What is a Hipster?

    Anyone else got any ideas for questions?

  2. yeah definitely need to ask what people think Hipster is.
    I think we should get an idea of male and female differences too.
    A lot of subcultures tend to be transgender e.g punks and skinheads.
    is this the same for hipster or are male and female completely different?

    i'll have a think about what else we could ask.

  3. There are elements of transgender from what I have been looking at in the more extreme cases. So yeah thats an interesting point we can include.

  4. I think we should ask what clothing elements people believe to be classed as Hipster because people I have spoke to seem to think the whole 'chino look' is hipster but I would say that has now become the mainstream especially with shops like Topman being so popular.

    maybe we could even ask what clothing stores people shop in and whether they class them as Hipster because you seem to have come across Urban Outfitters a lot in your research.

  5. This is the website I will be using if anyone is interested in http://freeonlinesurveys.com, once the questionnaire is made I will post it onto facebook design blog and other places and our course friends and others to do it.

    Questions so far!?

    Which age group do you fall into?
    14-16 17-19 20-22 23-35 36-50 51+

    Which sex do you belong to?
    Female / Male

    Do you identify your self as part of any subculture?
    Yes (if so, which?) / No

    Do you know of the subcultures Hipsters?
    Yes / No

    What do you think a is Hipster?

    What high street shops would you class as being selling Hipster clothing?
    Urban Outfitters / Topman / River island / Charity Shops / Other (if so which)

    What clothes would you say to be Hipster?

  6. them questions are perfect James, they're the kind of things I am wanting to find out so we will go with that.