Friday, 6 April 2012

James - Hipster Triangle ▲▲▲

How can a shape be linked with a group of people?

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I like how the symbol represents a group but then everyone in that group is striving to be a individual from any kind of mainstream idea. Think it is interesting how these websites/articles keep referring to the Hipsters always trying to be ironic about themselves, does this allow them to do anything but still belong to a movement they decide is happening?

What are peoples thoughts on this symbol (or is a logo?)


  1. I'm not sure that it is a logo for Hipsters as such but it is evident that it is used a lot in the subculture.
    A triangle can be used in a lot of design but doesn't always make it 'Hipster.' It might be an idea for us to look at Hipster design and how it differentiates from the mainstream.

  2. Yeah I agree with it not being a logo but more a new age symbol. I feel there seems to be across over in alot of books between hipster and postmodern design. Defiantly an interesting path to explore.