Sunday, 25 March 2012

Katie - Skinhead Tattoos

Tattoos have been popular in the skinhead subculture since at least the 1970s when the skinhead culture was revived. In 1980s Britain, some skinheads had tattoos on their faces and/or foreheads usually with the word 'Skin.'

Nick Knight - SKINHEAD

It shows how proud they were of their subculture and how they were part of something that seemed to be of a big importance to them and that it would last forever. It's like a 'uniform' to them, something to show off who they are and brand them.

This is a big comparison to today as subcultures tend to come and go over time. A lot of the time, people are embarrassed to be branded as part of a subculture e.g a Chav wouldn't be seen with 'Chav' tattooed on their forehead as they probably wouldn't admit that they actually were a Chav. Tattoos have always had negative connotations and suggest criminality but they are now becoming more accepted in society.


  1. Yeah it is like a uniform or some shared identity/belonging for them.
    Why do they get the word 'Skin' tattooed? Is linking back in with the style of hair cut? Or is there something else there?

  2. Or is that just what they refer to themselves as?

  3. yeah it's like they've had no belonging and this is how they feel accepted by having a shared identity.

    They refer to themselves as 'Skins' which is relating to the hairstyling.

  4. Hi, more than just the hairstyle.Skinhead is a way of life fashion,attitude and the music.Born in '69 the traditional skinheads,known as trads or trojans,where at that time an antithesis to the hippy movement and closely associated with another subculture known as mods through similar fashion.Trads are known to have worn two tone mohair suits,cardigans,crombie coats and loafers apart from the boots,jeans and braces commonly associated with contemporary skins.It was
    a non-racist and non-ideological movement although rebelous.Music trends mainly favoured ska,reggae and soul.Later developements came with influence from the punk movement and oi skins and oi music came about.
    Nazi skins came about by incursions of the British National Front in to the scene around the '80's I believe due to the working class nature of the skinhead movement and the perceived threat of foreigners taking jobs.The Skinhead movement was a big deal when I was growing up and I miss those days!