Sunday, 25 March 2012

James - Honda Jazz

Honda - How much Hipster can you pack in a Jazz?

Another sign of absorption or at least a ironic joke on the hipster subculture? I feel we can learn alot from the representation of a Hipsters in this advert by Honda. This advert was broadcasted in 2010 in Australia and from my understanding Honda Jazz are known for being an older persons car of choice, so maybe using a "hip" representation of the youth would sell more cars?

Fashion in advert... (said in better words than I could say it).
(text from )
But from what I see in the advert and understand from the text it seems to be a bricolage of different items and styles, a real expression of interests, colours and textures. What do other people think about the fashion?

What does their accessories suggest about them?

Fixed gear bike - Cares about environment? Cares about person health? Saving money on personal transport?
Penguin Book - Educated? Cultural?
iPod - Music lover? large collection? Early adopter? Trendy item?
Vinyl - Serious music lover? Rawer sound quality? Vintage lover?
Typewriter - Artistic? Writer? Vintage lover?
Polaroid / 35mm camera - Artistic? Vintage lover?

Use of language suggest?
  • References to literature and cultural important films gives the sense of educated and cultural person and member of the represented subculture.
  • Instead of saying cheese when taking a picture using the phase of "fairtrade" suggests the need to be different from the mainstream but also shows a person belief?
  • The reference to being judgmental but also the use of the phrase "fucking hipster" gives the portrayal of an ironic humor and maybe not taking themselves to seriously?
  • The comments on the manual might suggest that they are artistic or at least well informed about design.
But is this a true and fair representation?

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