Sunday, 25 March 2012

James - History of hipster

Beat Generation

From searching around on the internet, the Beat Generation keep appearing as a root from the contemporary Hipster subculture.
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I think the comments are interesting about the questioning of materialism of their society and how they are exploring the boundaries of society at the time and questioning why. From things I have seen on the internet about the background of Hipster it seems similar through being white middle class and being well educated. Plus the artistic core of the Beat Generation seems something that re appears in the Hipster movement. But what are hipster about?

The Hipster subculture in the Soviet Union (late 1940)

Hipster in the old USSR is way of a rebelling against the norms of society. Is this what all subcultures do? USSR Hipster Website

How to be a Hipster?

Not the best video in the world or comment on this subculture but has highlighted the need to explore the music and other cultural capital of the movement.

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