Thursday 22 March 2012

James - What is a Hipster?

I asked google...

 I looked on Urban Dictionary what a hispter is...
I think Urban Dictionary isnt a great source due to being all user generated content but at least kind of get a view of what people think this subculture is. We could do a questionnaire at a later date asking what people views of our subcultures stereotypes are and why?!

Do people hate Hipsters?
 "Look at this fucking hipster" is one of many hate blogs I have been finding on my searches around the internet. Think it is quite interesting there is so much hate against this one subculture, will be interesting to explore into this more and to see if there are any similarities to the Punk culture.

Lots more to come...


  1. Yes i think a questionnaire would be a great idea. There seems to be different views of what people think Hipster is and it is difficult to see what is right and wrong. I'm still not so sure exactly what the Hipster subculture is about so it's something i'd like to look into more.
    Surely people can't be classed as 'Hipster' just for shopping in certain stores?

  2. I dont think you could class a subculture by where they shop but maybe what they wear as thats their physical identity?
    Yeah I will keep posting more things, and try to explore the history, so we can try to get our heads around what it is and why.