Sunday 25 March 2012

James - Hipster Hilter

Subcultures Absorption?

A web comic series but also published in the Stool Pigeon, I think its interesting how they have mixed a ironic take on Hipsters and Hitler together. Makes me think of all the emo Hipsters from school that appears on the internet. I feel this is a very postmodern thing to take something like an evil dictator and turn it into a piece of ironic humor?
Quick Deconstruction of Hipster Hitler.
Fashion & Dress.
Black framed lenless glasses which could be linked to the old NHS perception glasses (of course the NHS would give out lens too), Its like the uncool glasses the nerdy school children wear in Hollywood films. So is nerdy is now trendy? Is this a stereotype image that goes along with the Hipster subculture? With the use of retro/uncool clothes then adopting that for themselves. Its like a rebelling against the mainstream and a creation of their identity. 
Aswell the uses of the tshirts Hitler wears in each comic change with different ironic sayings is like a comment on mainstream society through the use of twitty language, showing their separation?
Cultural Capital
I think it is interesting at the end of the comic the character mentions the hipster triangle. I have read that the "hipster triangle" is linked with the band YACHT, which uses the triangle in its logo but alot in all the bands branding. So music would be an interesting root to explore!?


  1. it seems that looking 'uncool' is now 'cool'.

    it's funny how i'd never noticed 'the hipster triangle' before and now i'm seeing it everywhere. a lot of the time in clothing.

    I did a design for a band a few weeks ago for their logo which uses an upside down triangle too! this was before I had even heard of this but maybe i had subconsciously seen it around.

  2. Yeah I defiantly think Hipster is all about the uncool being cool.

    Yeah the triangle is everywhere, epically in tshirt design. Ha it is implanted within your mind.

    Interesting question is whether every triangle in design is suggested to be linked to hipster subculture?

  3. haha i know, i'm doing tshirts for them with it on too.

    i would say no to that last question but we will see what else we come across. i'm still looking into the skinhead and punk subcultures but i'm going to get onto looking at hipster.