Tuesday, 27 March 2012

James - Emos to Hipster?

Subcultures progression?

( Cited in Houston Press )
I like the concept of a subculture transforming in something else. Though this is a interesting article with how the subculture keeps a similar theme, like with emo and hipster with the subculture being centred on the independent music scene?! (which I will explore in the next post)

Evolution of the Hipster

(cited on Paste Magazine )
Think this image is interesting as it separates all the part of the Hipster (till 2009) we have already found out about into stages. I do not know if this is a true evolution of a group but it visuals some of the stereotypical image of a hipster (as it would, as it is constructed).

I feel we need to defiantly explore the context of the hipsters and maybe be even the emo/scene subcultures context. Whats going on in the world? What is their counter culture countering? Consumerism, with the second hand/ vintage clothes?
Same with Skinheads and Punks, what was happening in the world to cause these people to form this identity/subculture?


  1. definitely agree with the emo to hipster progression.
    this is reflected in the the skinhead subculture too which branched off into other subcultures e.g teddy boys and punks so it does seem that most of them merge from other cultures.

    emo is something we could look into more, this would then give us the chance to look at cybercultures and how emo began with the social network 'myspace'.

    i've still got loads to look at for skinheads/punks and what was going on in the world at the time. my next few posts will be about this.

  2. Yeah the idea of how new media has affected subcultures is interesting, defiantly will have a look along that route.

    I look forward to seeing them, as I do not really know much about that time in British history apart from the bits and bobs I learnt from watching "This is England".